MENU   ( prices are subject to change without any notice) 


Edamame  (soybeans)    4.8

Sauteed Edamame  (with Spicy soy sauce or Garlic Butter)    5.8

Hijiki (seaweed)    4.8

Sunomono  (cucumber & wakame)    4.8

                                with Octopus or Shrimp    10.8

                                with Crab    MP

Oyster shooter    8.8

Fresh Albacore cocktail  (fresh albacore with smelt eggs & ponzu)    9.8

Ankimo cocktail  (Monkfish liver with sumiso & ponzu)    9.8

Tuna tartar with wasabi sauce    9.8

Mixed seafood Ceviche  (chopped seafood with sweet vinegar dressing)    9.8

Spicy Garlic Albacore    17.8

Mitz Hamachi Jalapeno  (Yellowtail)    16.8

Spicy Tuna Jalapeno    16.8

Albacore Sashimi Special    17.8

Green Beans : Sauteed    5.8

                          Tempura    5.8

Shishito yaki  (sauteed Japanese pepper)    6.8

Stuffed Shishito  (Japanese pepper Tempura stuffed with Shrimp)    7.8

Agedashi Tofu  (fried tofu in aromatic wa-fu broth)    6.8

Stuffed Shiitake mushroom  (Tempura) with Spicy tuna, Creamy crab,

                                                                                            or Crab-Salmon Salad    8.8

Geso  (fried calamari legs /spicy geso sauce on the side)    8.8

Beef Teriyaki  (grilled rib eye steak with teriyaki sauce)    8.8

Chicken Teriyaki  (erilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce)    7.5

Chicken Tender Tempura  (appetizer portion)    7.5

Kara-age  (Japanese crispy fried chicken withsweet & sour spicy sauce)    5.

Spicy Jalapeno Bomb  (Fried stuffed Jalapeno with Spicy tuna & cream cheese

                                                                       Served with spicy sauce & sriracha)    8.8

Baked green Mussel  (chopped green mussel & avocado/baked with mild creamy sauce)    6.8 

Dynamite  (bay scallops, chopped shellfish, onion & mushroom/baked

                                                                        with mild creamy sauce()   8.8

Stuffed Squid  (stuffed with creamy crab / served with eel sauce)    7.8

Volcano  (baked white fish with shrimp, creamy crab, avocado, tamago /

                                                                        G. onion, smelt eggs & eel sauce on top)    14.8

Crab-Salmon salad  (served with chips)    9.8

Crispy rice biscuit  with Spicy tuna,  shrimp  or  Crab-salmon salad    8.8

Shellfish Wrap  (Shrimp, Scallop, Creamy crab & Tempura batter crunch mixed /

                                                                        wrapped with lettuce & soybean paper)    11.8























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